Food Made From Scratch

Nourish the Body,  Mind , and  Soul


To serve seasonally simple, fresh food prepared with local products and a passion for people.


  1. People want to eat the freshest food possible

  2. People want to support local business

  3. People want to be treated as if they are the most important person in the room

  4. Strong teams, not strong bosses make the brand strong

  5. If the ingredients are stand-alone top quality, then only a few ingredients are needed


Cafe 110

M-F 8:30am - 2:30pm/ Saturday 10am - 2pm

2022 menu starts February 1, 2022 STAY TUNED!


Our Story Begins with our Equal-Opportunity Nourisher 

"Throughout her more than three-decade career in the food industry, Alicia Gomez-Grayson has literally worked with food from seed to table. It wasn’t until the domino effect after an accident led her to open a restaurant that provides both healthy and indulgent choices in downtown Oklahoma City."

  - The OK Gazette     

Vegan Trio


before Hello"


  1. Passion: We have a passion for fresh food and supporting our premium, local vendors

  2. Dedication:  We are dedicated to high standards in all we do and every meal we prepare

  3. Commitment to Guest: We are committed to demonstrating our passion for people through our commitment to excellent guest service

  4. Quality: We are dedicated to quality in all we do

  5. Teamwork: We are a team focus on our mission and work together to grow the brand

  6. Simplicity: We serve delicious food with the simplest ingredients

Chef Alicia Gomez

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