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I am, Chef Alicia. I opened the doors of Cafe 110 in downtown OKC however because of the times being how they, I have closed the brick-and-mortar location. I am focusing on personal chef and catering aspects of my business. I have also created a YouTube Channel, "In the Kitchen with Chef Alicia" will air in mid-June.

 I have been in the food industry for over 30 years. My passion for food has found me searching out the best kitchens to learn from folks (home cooks and chefs) across this country. My roots are from Mexico, and I spent endless hours in her grandma's and Tia's kitchen learning their savory secrets. My life's adventures have taken me to places all around the United States learning about culture and comfort food from everywhere I have traveled. 

I would love to talk to you about your future catering needs. 

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